It is worth mentioning that the therapeutic process is carried out rather unobtrusively. Procedures, excursions, recuperation and entertainment are aptly planned for the whole period of stay, thus diluting common routine. All 18 days of sojourn are full of fun activities: you will get a chance to visit ancient castles, mansions, fortresses walls of which once witnessed fierce battles, glorious palaces, minarets reaching the skies, legendary Maiden Tower, terraces leading to one of the most beautiful seaside boulevards of the world and many historical and architectural monuments of Baku.

Leaving the sanatorium, many patients say: “Frankly speaking, I do not know what has contributed to my recovery the most: prescribed treatment, sea, sun, or hospitality that I encountered far and wide. Now, I’m leaving this place in a splendid mood”.

In very deed, one can hardly identify the major health-giving element: probably, it is the whole complex of factors which can only be found here, on the sunshiny Absheron coast.

Medical indications:
- Arthritis and polyarthritis (of non-tubercular origin)
- Rheumatoid arthritis (in remission)
- Chronic myalgia
- Contractures
- Polyosteoarthrosis, deforming arthrosis
- Diffuse osteochondrosis
- Ankylosing spondylitis
- Ischialgia, spinal and femoral radiculitis
- Gouty arthritis - urate diathesis

Medical contraindications:
- All acute diseases
- Malignant tumors
- Tuberculosis (active form)
- Cachexia
- Venereal diseases
- Pyo-inflammatory diseases
- Frequent profuse bleeding
- Psychiatric diseases (at acute stage)
- Diabetes (severe form)
- Cardiovascular system disorders (stage II, III)
- Aneurysms
- Blood diseases (at acute stage)
- Hypertensive heart disease, stage III

The sanatorium offers:
- Treatment and diagnostic rooms and laboratories
- Balneary clinic, offering natural mineral water
- Electrophototherapy
- Mastic applications
- Naftalan oil therapy
- Mud therapy
- Massage
- Therapeutic exercises
- Climatotherapy

Treatment results are overseen by experienced specialists.